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Alvar de Dios - 'Vaguera' - 2019

$50.00 $54.00
Castilla y León, Spain

Vineyard located in El Maderal, 950 metres above sea level and surrounded by an extensive cork oak forest that shields the vines from the sun. Doña Blanca grape, planted in the 1920s. Direct-pressed. Barrel-fermented and aged at least 12 months in the same barrels. Around 1,500 bottles per year.

In 2014, Álvar de Dios established his own winery and then, in 2015, expanded into a little-known wine-growing region with huge potential: Arribes del Duero. From tiny, centuries-old vines, many of them planted on terraces or river bluffs and rooted in soils rich in white slate and pyrite, come wines that capture the age-old taste and culture of the mysterious borderlands in Camino de los Arrieros, Las Vidres and Yavallo.

The wine is neither filtered nor clarified.

As a licensed restaurant, by Ontario liquor law we are required to sell you a single food item if you purchase alcohol.

If you do not specify which food item you'd like your order will come with a bag of Miss Vickies Original chips. They're super tasty :)