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Bodegas Estefania - Tilenus Godello - 2022

Bierzo, Spain

Golden yellow, with bright aromas of apple and pear, typical of Bierzo. In the mouth it is an explosion of sensations, fresh with a balanced acidity. The finish is extraordinarily long for a wood-free white. winery notes: Bodegas Estefanía has as its main brand: "Tilenus" that comes from "Teleno", Celtic god of war and that is equivalent to the Roman god Mars. With which it is intended to remember and honor the golden age of Bierzo during the Roman occupation. The climate in this area is continental, which is characterized by a balance between humidity from Galicia, and dry, from Castilla y León. The soils on which the vineyards are located are mineral and clayey type. It is located in a valley surrounded by mountains of León, Galicia and Asturias, where 40 hectares of century-old vineyards are located. The winery where the wines are made was built with slate, stone and wood, so that each phase of the production process has a certain temperature, humidity and luminosity. The room where the barrels are located has about a thousand barrels for aging wine, most of these are French oak. Today, this Roman age is engraved on the labels of the bottles with a Roman coin, which was found in one of the vineyards.

As a licensed restaurant, by Ontario liquor law we are required to sell you a single food item if you purchase alcohol.

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