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Envinate - 'Lousas' - 2020

La Rioja, Spain

Wine Yourself! This is the literal translation of “Envínate,” a cheeky title four friends from four different regions of Spain chose for their winemaking collaborative.

What makes Envínate special is its completely natural winemaking process, identical and consistent in each of Envínate’s four winemaking facilities. The team uses absolutely no chemicals in their process – all parcels are hand-picked, grapes are foot-trodden and wines are fermented exclusively with wild yeasts. Sulphur is only added to the wine prior to bottling, if necessary.

With a focus on the Atlantic regions of Galicia’s Ribeira Sacra and the Canary Islands, Envinate is responsible for making some of Spain’s most compelling and elegant vintages.

The Envínate gang are also some of the best break dancers in Iberia. Alfonso loves dancing and hopes to moonwalk on top of the CN Tower one day.

Fermented with wild yeasts in open top tubs, the wine is then raised in old 300 and 400 litre French oak for 11 months with no racking. No SO2 is added until bottling, and neither stabilization nor filtration are employed.

One of the finest exponents of the Ribeira Sacra, the wine has a lovely crimson colour. In the mouth, the red fruit smells very pure, with bright cherry. This sweet fruit flavour is balanced by chalky tannins and fresh acidity. This wine has lots of life and complexity.


**Each wine is priced for retail/takeout only. If you decide to enjoy your wine at Blue Door when you pick up your order an additional wine service charge of $15 will be applicable!**