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Kristinus - Liquid Sundowner Orange - 2021

$49.00 $51.00
Balaton-Badacsony, Hungary

The perfect orange wine for after work and as the name suggests. Best enjoyed in the last rays of the sun. Liquid Sundowner is a natural wine for the end of the day and the few minutes when the sun disappears behind the horizon - a feeling that reminds you of this complex and structured Orange wine . But you can also enjoy the Liquid Sundowner without sunset;). Made from hand-picked Tramini, Olaszrizling, Szürkebarát and Chardonnay, spontaneously fermented on the skins and matured on the yeast for 6 months. Partly in amphorae, partly in used, large barrels and afterwards bottled Unfiltered. Best to drink at 12 degrees and shake it up before enjoying, Shake ´n enjoy!

As a licensed restaurant, by Ontario liquor law we are required to sell you a single food item if you purchase alcohol.

If you do not specify which food item you'd like your order will come with a bag of Miss Vickies Original chips. They're super tasty :)