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Milan Nestarac - Barvirka Red - 2022

Moravia, Czech Republic

Wild Blackberry - Plum - Red Licorice

From the excentric mind of Milan Nestarac. Barvířka means "color-enhancer", referring to the dornfelder grapes in this wine that are a special type of grape where the juice is actually red instead of clear like most in fact are! Barvířka (pronounced: bar-veezh-kah), is a 50% dornfelder, 33% rotburgunder and 17% blend of secret white grapes to heighten the aromatics. "Enjoy chilled as hell and with an open mind"

As a licensed restaurant, by Ontario liquor law we are required to sell you a single food item if you purchase alcohol.

If you do not specify which food item you'd like your order will come with a bag of Miss Vickies Original chips. They're super tasty :)