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Occhipinti - 'Siccagno' Nero D'Avola - Sicilia - 2020

<h3><strong>Sicily, Italy </strong></h3>
<p>Siccagno is my Nero d'Avola, born from that concentrated grape which is precisely called Siccagna. The Nero that tells so much about Sicily, which is wild, but also fresh and elegant, with a flavor of red fruits. That he has something noble and aristocratic, but also melancholy like a poet or a philosopher. Which is passionate, full of human warmth and contrasts. Nero which is the grape of our fathers and unites Sicily from corner to corner and has better captured its spirit for centuries. A wine that I deeply love, and that has always been with me since the first year. Ariana Occhipinti, Winemaker</p>