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Pizzo Coca - Inferno - Valetellina Superiore - 2018

Lombardy, Italy

Cranberry - Mint - Leather

Intensely fruited, powerful and captivating. Lorenzo Mazzucconi and his partner Alessandro Aldisquarcina named their organic/biodynamic farm Pizzo Coca after the highest peak in the Bergamo Alps. They own 1.7 hectares of vineyards at 400-550m, which include sites in Grumello and Inferno. Viticulture in this small region is deemed 'heroic' with dangerously steep, narrow terraces that are totally non-mechanical. One of the great crus of Valtellina, Inferno does in fact take its name from the warm sun’s rays that can shine on the high terraces for a few hours late in the day - so working there can be like an… What’s in the bottle confirms the hard work - a gorgeous red from small berries and high altitude. The barren earth there is made up of schist and sandstone, giving character and vigor to the wines - intensely fruited but still dry, powerful and captivating.

As a licensed restaurant, by Ontario liquor law we are required to sell you a single food item if you purchase alcohol.

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