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Prieler - Blaufränkisch 'Johanneshöhe' - 2018

Burgenland, Austria

" The red “Prieler Classic”: a typical Blaufränkisch vinified in large wooden cask. Dark berry fruit and a touch of orange zest over a background of subtle herbal spice. Juicy, refreshing red berry nuances, fine-grained tannin. " Blaufränkisch is in our genes. By “our”, I mean my family and the vintners of Leithaberg. We know this variety’s moods and demands. Blaufränkisch in not an easy variety – whether for us or for you. It is capricious, challenging and stubborn. Rooted in limestone, it wants the sun; growing on schist, it requires refreshing winds. It rests preferably in wood, yet the barrels shouldn’t be too small. Of you, it demands patience. Blaufränkisch needs time. If you yield yourself to Blaufränkisch, you will understand why we fulfil all of this variety’s desires. For me, it is one of the few varieties in the world that perfectly balances two elements: energy and clarity. "

- winemaker website


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