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Vinca Minor - Los Carneros - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2019

Los Carneros, California, USA

Located in Berkeley, California, this natural winery started as a way to explore the convergence of farmer, winemaker and artist. They work exclusively with small growers producing fruit from organic, dry-framed, old vines—primarily in Mendocino.
In the cellar, they make wine as naturally as possible, always working with indigenous yeast without filtering or fining. The labels feature artwork from local artists as a way to not only showcase their work but highlight the vibe of the juice inside.
Beautiful old vine Cabernet Sauvignon tucked away on the Sonoma side of Los Carneros. Fermented with natural yeasts and aged for 9 months in old French oak barrels. Bright crunchy red fruits and soft tannins.

As a licensed restaurant, by Ontario liquor law we are required to sell you a single food item if you purchase alcohol.

If you do not specify which food item you'd like your order will come with a bag of Miss Vickies Original chips. They're super tasty :)